Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Advocates,

I was going to post some basic info about the SLC Shine. Instead I am writing this letter from my heart - to ALL of you - across this nation.

There are not words to express the deep appreciation that Jill and I feel for everyone one of you. In the past 3 months my heart has broken many times, because of what we have witnessed and experienced living on the streets in your cities and towns.

But these youth, these American homeless youth, have given me hope. How is that? How is it that the victims of such intense discrimination are the ones who offer hope......and wisdom? They have already taught us so much. In their eyes are reflected the same dreams that all of us share. They wish to belong to a family, to a community that will protect and nurture them, a society that will stand by them in solidarity and equality.

In their eyes also, we have seen the same love and hunger for justice that flows from each one of YOU. And in your presence also we have gained much wisdom and hope for a better NOW. Through emails, letters, texts, twitter, and every form of communication, we hear your voices rising in tune with true justice and genuine change. We are all making a difference.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. Thank you for walking with us (even in mighty Spirit) every step of the way.

Because of you, communities are stirring, old judgements are being questioned, arms that have never known hardcore outreach are reaching out, state senators are being called, new bills are being written up, and new "radical" programs for homeless youth are sprouting up everywhere. ( finally getting some shower and food programs up in the Castro.) Sometimes I get angry, because I don't understand how something so humane, so decent, so civilized can ever be seen as radical. But that's what we are up against. And EVERY great activist for Humanity has faced this strange state of disassociative society.

That you are NOT numb, that you push forward in the face of discrimination and fear, that you continue to have great faith in Humanity, that you long for a better world, and that you are deeply motivated to work to bring about the change you wish to see in the world....these are the reasons I am honored to stand with all of you - in this movement - and in the Social Justice Movement as a whole.

Saturday. July 25th. 4pm. Utah Pride Center. 361 N. 300 W.

This is our moment Salt Lake City to stand with all the others in this nation....and Shine for the homeless youth in America.

See you there! Chloe

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  1. That was truly beautiful! I wish I could have been there in SLC to support.