Friday, June 5, 2009


The next night, (after walking all day trying to find a part for Chloe's backpack), they found an unfenced church courtyard. Here they slept in the rain on the doorsteps of this church and were later told to leave by law enforcement. You can see the video here: The Church

Jill and Chloe find a dry spot underneath the awning of what is supposed to be the Seattle LGBTQ center. (They later discover that the LGBTQ center has closed because of lack of funding.) The beer can in the picture belongs to a homeless person not willing to be photographed. They spend the next few hours talking to a myriad of people convening at their newly found dry street corner. As they witness drug deal after drug deal, and even some minor violence - they wonder to themselves - 'where is law enforcement now'? 

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